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Peltzer Winery
Where the pumpkins grow and the wine flows!
By Moriah Wilson
At Peltzer Farm & Winery, we’re more than just a great glass of wine. We are a fifth generation farming family offering a unique, down-home wine tasting experience in the heart of the Temecula Valley Wine Country. With farming roots dating back to 1913, the Peltzer Family began growing citrus in Anaheim, CA after their move from Kansas. Here’s a fun fact for y’all, great-great-grandpa Charles sold a piece of that citrus grove in 1954 to someone you may have heard of… Walt Disney himself! Just like that, the Peltzer family became part of the rich history of the Happiest Place on Earth.
Peltzer Winery - Outdoor Seating
With farming roots dating back to 1913, the Peltzer Family began growing citrus in Anaheim, CA
Our story begins in 1996 when Charlie and Carrie Peltzer met and decided to begin a Pumpkin Farm in Orange, Ca. Since then, they relocated to Temecula, found an abandoned pine tree farm to transform into a pumpkin farm, and eventually expanded that family favorite activity to the winery y’all see today! Together they have created an atmosphere that embodies Charlie’s farming roots and Carrie’s passion for design. Our property and tasting room boast carefully curated vintage farm equipment and re-purposed materials that make for an incomparable environment and encourage many perfect photo opportunities.
Peltzer Winery - Wine Wednesdays
Wine Wednesdays
Weekly late night hours 11-8pm with a local food truck and local musician + late night hours on the weekends that vary. Please check our website for up to date information.
At Peltzer, we focus on warm weather, Mediterranean-style grape varietals that best suit Temecula Valley’s microclimate. With the coastal breeze and sunny days, our estate Sangiovese, Barbera, and Petite Sirah vines thrive. Our wines are beautifully balanced and smooth as to not diminish the hard work of the farmers who enable us to prepare the meals we enjoy with family and friends.
Peltzer Winery - Mason Jars
Peltzer Winery - Patio
Our property and events offer a multitude of opportunities for families and friends to break free from their normal routines and spend time with one another. Whether you’re visiting for a seasonal festival, our annual Peltzer Pumpkin Farm, the Peltzer Ice Rink, or enjoying a casual day in Wine Country, we invite y’all to join our family in making memories and building traditions. Support your local farmer and meet us at the Crush House for some front porch sippin’!
Peltzer Winery
40275 Calle Contendo
Temecula, CA 92591

(951) 888 – 2008


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