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Akash Winery
Temecula’s Newest Winery
By Necol Keenan
Akash Winery is a hip, trendy winery with much to offer. Akash is perched upon 20 acres of vineyards, in the heart of Temecula Wine Country’s rolling hills just off Calle Contento. The tasting room is a comfortable, light-filled atmosphere with a classy, eclectic feel. The outdoor patio offers comfortable, relaxed seating and views of Temecula Wine Country.
I enjoyed speaking with Akash and learning about how his family came from the hospitality background in Orange County to having a dream of owning a winery in Temecula Wine Country. Now after 10 years in the making, the Patel family has made their dream of owning a winery in Temecula Wine Country a reality. Having been opened for just a few months, this estate-grown, single-vineyard, boutique winery has grown very rapidly in popularity. The wines have won many esteemed awards, and their wine club membership is rapidly growing.
Patel Family of Akash Winery
After 10 years, the Patel family has made their dream of owning a winery in Temecula Wine Country a reality
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The Akash Winery offers wonderful varieties of wines with unique, exciting varietals and flavors. The bottles and labeling are highly stylized and artistic. The reds offer wonderful aromas with a variety of fruits, cherry flavors, exotic spices, vanilla bean and dark chocolate flavors. I am a huge fan of red wine and was impressed with the wonderful, rich complexity and flavors. Their cabernet sauvignon and red blend, “Three’s Company” was my favorite, and a fan favorite as well. The sauvignon blanc was also very impressive, I loved the balance of exciting flavor combinations of key lime, passion fruit and lemon meringue. The sauvignon blanc was a flavorful, refreshing wine, with a smooth finish. I am very excited about their Riesling, that will be introduced very soon!
Patel Family of Akash Winery
Akash in winery